1. The presenter must provide a pre-recorded video of the presentation. Resolution of the video should be of high definition (720p or 1080p).
  2. The video should be of 8-10 minutes length and a visual image of your face must appear in the video.
  3. You may refer to this link to create your video presentation https://youtu.be/D8JV3w4TOVw (PowerPoint presentation). You may use any other ways in creating the video as long as the necessary requirements are fulfilled.
  4. The downloadable video link must be submitted to the Secretariat through email icoqsia@uum.edu.my with the Subject: ICOQSIA2020 Virtual Presentation – Paper ID by 29th September 2020, together with the following information:
    a. Paper title
    b. Submission ID
    c. Name
    d. Residing country during the conference (for presentation time arrangement purpose)
    e. Consent form of video presentation (will be available from website)
  5. All virtual video presentations will only appear during the scheduled presentation slots.
  6. The presenter needs to be available during a live Q & A session according to the scheduled slot (8-10 minutes of video presentation and 5 minutes of Q & A). WEBEX video conferencing system will be used for the live session.
  7. For any Q & A beyond the allocated time, participant may contact the presenter directly for a private discussion.
  8. Participants may access all available slots during the conference through invitation links, which will be provided by the Secretariat.
  9. Conference schedule, invitation links and other information will be emailed to all participants.

Self-Preparation for live session

  1. Please ensure that you have good Wi-Fi connection to ensure smooth virtual presentation.
  2. It is advisable for the presenters to be in a bright and conducive environment while the presentation is conducted.